113857 EV wall-mounted charger Ex9EVD3 T2S 32A

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EAN: 8592765138576

Ex9EVD3 is a wall-mounted charger for electric vehicles (EVs) with intentions to be used in a household. Our solution is equipped with B type Residual Current Circuit Breaker, which is a neccessery protection of EV chargers. The battery of EV is working on DC principe and it can occur a DC current leakage. The internal B type RCCB is able to detect leakages in DC, AC and pulsating current in a high frequency. We are off ering a chargers with charging current up to 32 A in 3 phase connection. Cable with T2 connection is a part of delivery (valid for T2C 16A and T2C 32A version). For T2S 16A and T2S 32A cable is not include package. Output is able to use also as 1 phase. The purpose of DLB module is to ensure that the maximum permitted current of the main circuit breaker is not exceeded by the simultaneous operation of the EV charging station and other appliances in the building. Communication with the wallbox is implemented via the RS 485 interface (2 wires). DLB module can be ordered separately.


Параметри Стойности
Метод на монтаж Стенен монтаж
Степен на защита (IP) IP66
С превключвател AUTOMATIC НE
Широчина 280
Брой дтз - тип B 1
Височина 315
Брой конектори за превозни средства Тип 1 0
С комуникационен интерфейс ДA
С електромер НE
Материал на корпуса Алуминий
Брой конектори за превозни средства Тип 2 1
С управление на натоварването ДA
Максимална мощност на точка на зареждане 22.1
Връзка за страничен монтаж 3-фазен
Дълбочина 109
С кутия за връзка у дома ДA
Номинална мощност на свързване 22.1
Функция за контрол на достъпа НE
Брой зареждащи единици 1


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Kаталог Каталог Фотоволтаични компоненти 0.1gb PDF WEB